The other day, on Tuesday the 9th to be exact, I spilled a bottle of water on my computer. How did this happen, you ask? Well, here is the story.

That Tuesday, I was at my shop for an appointment with a lovely young lady who was shopping around. This girl was having a lot of fun and chose all pink items. Anyway, as I was talking to her foster mom, I was drinking water from huge a Smartwater water bottle (obviously this water doesn’t make a person smart…). I didn’t secure the cap each time I set it down, rather I just left the cap on the top of the bottle. Well as I was talking to the foster mom, BAM! My hand hits the water bottle and it spills all over my computer. I caught the water bottle quickly, but not quick enough. The computer screen turned black. Then, my mom had the brains to turn over the computer in a V position to let water leak out.
After the appointment was over, we rushed to the Apple Store, where I was quickly told that the computer would cost $770 to repair since my computer is out of warranty. UM NO WAY AM I PAYING $770 TO FIX A LAPTOP! So we went to a Mac Repair shop in town to see what they would have to say. Once again, I was quickly told that it would not be worth it to fix the computer. During this time, being the tech-savvy person I am (not really), posted on Facebook what had happened. Within a couple of minutes, my friend Synica commented on my status and told me not to fear because her dad fixes water damaged laptops all the time! YAYY!
On Saturday, my mom and I drove to Antioch where Synica’s dad fixed my laptop. Besides that, he added more RAM and upgraded my operating system so thank you so much! I have to say, my computer runs much faster than it did before….maybe water is the cure to a slow computer? Just joking, but in all seriousness, it does run faster.
Allyson Ahlstrom

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