Threads for Teens McClelland Boutique
(Please excuse the ‘S’ from being missing…it fell off right before the picture was taken!)

It is official. The new Threads for Teens boutique is finally opened! I would like to take a moment to thank everyone that helped along the way.

Kelsey Marie of Kelsey Marie Designs

Kelsey Marie and Allyson

First off, without the fabulous help of Kelsey Marie from Kelsey Marie Designs, the boutique would definitely not be as cute as it is. She spent hours upon hours of working on all the decorations. She did an amazing job and I would give her the highest possible recommendation to work on future interior design projects, or if you would like a custom mirror like the one seen in the boutique, she would be more than happy to customize one to fit your needs. Also, she’s an extremely accomplished painter as seen with the gorgeous cow that is hanging in the boutique. She’s a doll and has so much talent. Words cannot describe my gratitude, but I guess thank you will have to suffice on this blog! To the left is a picture of Kelsey and I showing off some of the cute skirts in the boutique! You might see the cow in the background, which she painted!!


(Kelsey did a whole re-haul of this chandelier! It used to be yellow and green!)

Kelsey Marie Mirror Design

(Kelsey redid this mirror as well.)

Grandpa Gus
My Grandpa Gus was a lifesaver when it came to this boutique. He made sure to make sure that everything was installed properly and structurally sound. Definitely, this place would be a mess on the ground if he had not come to help.Wayne Moss of Robert W. Moss Painting
So, I asked a bunch of my friends if they would come help me with painting the walls. A ton came and helped, which was great. However, none of us are actually professionals and as a result, paint ended up all over the ceiling and baseboards. Wayne came and fixed all our mess-ups, which was perfect. He also painted the baseboards, which was super helpful as well. If you are ever in need of a painter, definitely call Wayne as he is extremely professional and gets jobs done in a timely manner.
cell phone: (707) 217-9987 home phone: (707) 569-0644Adam Springer
On his business card, Adam describes himself as an “artist extraordinaire”, which is the exact title that I would give to him. His work is very eclectic and full of life and color. Adam was kind enough to let us display several of his pieces around the boutique. Let me tell you, they’re awesome. At the open house, the paintings were extremely popular. I would most definitely recommend checking out his art as it is definitely interesting and will make your room shine. Make sure to check out his website HERE.Joyce Hasselbeck
Joyce is another artist who donated her beautiful pieces for display. Her work is definitely what I would describe as whimsical, yet refined. The art is gorgeous. One of the pieces, an Alice in Wonderland painting, is my absolute favorite and many other’s favorite. So many people come into the boutique and notice the Alice painting right of the bat! I love it so much that I secretly call it the “Allyson Wonderland”! Joyce does commissions and also has many more beautiful paintings! Make sure to check out her website HERE.

Katie Bipes
My friend Katie from school was kind enough to spend three days straight doing chalk drawings on the whole back wall. They are fabulous and definitely make the boutique pop as you first look inside. Thank you Katie! Below is just a small portion of the chalk drawing that she did. The first picture that shows the whole boutique, shows the extent of her art.

Katie Bipes Chalk Design

Feleashia DenBeste
Feleashia took pictures of the boutique for me and they turned out fantabulous! She is an awesome photographer who does weddings, senior portraits, and family shoots. If you are ever in need a photographer, definitely have Feleashia make your moment special! Click HERE for her Facebook page.

Jack Bowlby
My friend Jack from school took some awesome pictures and video as well. I really appreciate your help Jack! 🙂

Lastly, I would like to thank all of the volunteers who spent their time painting, making shelves, organizing, etc.
Synica M., Shelby D., Morgan E., Natalie R., Sunshine H., Arianna J., Kelsey G., Taylor E., Caitlyn R., Dylan S.!

This boutique has most definitely been a labor of love. I am now so excited for it to be open and ready to go. Already, eight girls have come in and fallen in love with the design. The boutique is located at 620 McClelland Drive, Windsor, CA  95492. If you would ever like to stop by, please shoot me an email! Or, if you just happen to be on the Windsor Town Green and the door is open, please stop on by.
Thank you to everyone!
Allyson Ahlstrom

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