Columbus, Ohio
Friday, July 19th

The Third Leg has begun!

We arrived in Columbus, Ohio late last night and had a great night sleep at the Crown Plaza. We woke, excited and ready to begin the Third Leg. Allyson, Natalie, and Taylor were greeted in the lobby by a group of volunteers from Soroptimist International of Columbus and Franklin County: Kristi, Megan (Kristi’s daughter), Paula, Vicky, and Helen. The group was a big help in setting up the mobile boutique, prepping for, and running appointments. The women greeted the shoppers, parents, and Kinship staff, with warm smiles and cold water- which was much appreciated!


Megan, Allyson, Kristi, Natalie, Taylor, Paula, Vicky, and Helen.



Taylor, Natalie, Diana (shopper), and Allyson.

A reporter and a photographer from The Columbus Dispatch visited the boutique to interview Allyson, shoppers, parents, and Kinship staff, and to gather information for the story they plan to run tomorrow. Both young men were a pleasure to have and we look forward to reading the article.

Today was Taylor’s first day of the tour, but you couldn’t tell because she effortlessly adjusted to running appointments. Through the course of the day, 21 girls visited the mobile boutique. The girls were ecstatic and eager to shop! Allyson, Natalie, and Taylor encouraged the girls to try on as much clothing as they wanted, though it was stifling hot in the trailer. One of our shoppers in particular was adamant about not trying on clothing due to the heat, but after some encouragement, she tried on a two blouses and a dresses and loved them so much she wound up taking them all. Another shopper, was tentative about trying on Black Halo dresses, but after Natalie convinced her that they would be perfect for her Senior Homecoming and Prom, she did. Much to her surprise, both dresses fit as though they were made for her! She chose to take both dresses and left with a grin ear to ear. All in all a great day in Columbus, Ohio!

Thank you to Soroptimist International of Columbus and Franklin County!

Now off to Charleston, West Virginia! But first.. A super shopping spree at Torrid! Before we left Ohio, we stopped at Torrid to restock our plus size section. The staff at Torrid was superb, one sales associate in particular, Marie, was just as passionate about girl empowerment and self esteem, so she made sure to help us in any way we could. Which we greatly appreciated, considering our receipt was over 20 feet long! But don’t worry, we snagged some great deals.

Now off to Charleston, West Virginia. Check back for an update about tomorrow’s appointments.

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