Sunday, June 30th

Our arrival to the windy city, Chicago, was very fun.  Even though we were stuck in traffic, we were entertained by seeing hundreds of people decked out in Hawaiian and cowboy costumes tailgating before going to the Jimmy Buffet concert.  We eventually got through the traffic and arrived at the Lincoln Hotel.  The hotel was a great location for the threads for teens trailer: downtown near the park, across from the lake.  Due to this great location, we got many visitors asking about Threads For Teens throughout the day.  We also had a gorgeous view of the lake from our room.



Right after we finished setting up the trailer, an rush of girls arrived.  We quickly went to work helping the girls find their items. Many of the girls loved the jewelry that Claire’s donated at our Detroit stop, and asked us for help matching jewelry to the clothes they already chose.  While Katie was checking a girl out, she commented that the girl had chosen two of Katie’s favorite clothing items.  Later, Katie was delighted to read that in the guest book, the girl wrote “You have great clothing and me and one of the girls have the same style 🙂 Thank you! Great Experience.” It’s great to know that we are also connecting with the girls through similarities, and on a personal level.  We are so thankful to all of the girls who have come through Threads For Teens, and it is amazing to read their comments that say how thankful they are.  One girl wrote, “Great job on helping teens all over the world, you guys are the best. Thanks.”

After our awesome day interacting with the many teen girls, we packed up the trailer for going to Wisconsin!  On our way out, we made sure to stop by the Cloud Gate, a.k.a., the Chicago Bean, in Millennium Park.

Allyson, Katie, and Kelsey posing at The Bean. What an awesome pose!


The Cloud Gate

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