Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Friday, June 7th 

Threads for Teens on Tour had a very exciting day in Sioux Falls, South Dakota! Our day began at 5 am this morning as we woke to prepare for a jam packed schedule. As we were getting ready we turned on the television to KSFY (ABC) and what did we see? News reporter Rachel in front of our trailer filming a teaser for her scheduled 6 am interview with Allyson. Rachel had certainly done her homework! We were impressed. And, according to KSFY Threads for Teens in Sioux Falls was the top story of the morning!

Threads for Teens on Tour being featured on KSFY.
At about 5:30 am, we walked to the truck to set up and were happily greeted by Sioux Falls’ news reporters Kellee, from KELO-CBS and Rachel from KSFY-ABC, and Sioux Falls CASA director, Amy Benda. KELO and KSFY filmed us as we set up the boutique. Meanwhile, Amy Benda was interviewed so that the audience may better understand the CASA perspective. Once the boutique was ready, Kelly and Rachel interviewed Allyson at 6 am for their live broadcasts. Both interviews went very well and can be seen/ read about online!

Allyson being interviewed by KSFY’s news reporter Rachel.


Allyson being interviewed by KELO’s news reporter, Kellee.
See the interview online, click HERE
KELO’s news reporter Kelee. Happy birthday Kelee!
Allyson’s interviews wrapped up at around 7 am, just in time for all of us to head up to the room for a much needed nap. We returned to the truck at 10 am to host the first appointments. Amy, the Sioux Falls CASA director, met us at the boutique with coffee and breakfast food! She and her staff/ volunteers then proceeded to set up a picnic bench of snacks and water bottles for us and the clients! The hospitality we received was simply superb. They truly rolled out the red carpet for us.
                     Allyson being interviewed (left). Amy setting up the picnic table (right).
Between the news stations, clients and CASAs, there was such a big commotion at the Hilton Garden Inn, Sioux Falls that passerbys and those who had seen us on the news opted to stop on by to take a closer look at the mobile boutique and meet Allyson! In particular there was one group of young fans who came out to meet Allyson and see the mobile boutique in person.
Allyson mingling with young “fans” from Sioux Falls.
And of course, in between/ during the commotion of guests and press we conducted our scheduled shopping appointments. Throughout the day twenty girls visited the boutique. All of which were polite, respectful, well mannered, and oh so gracious. These young ladies were certainly the ones who remind us why we do what we do. Truly a pleasure. Highlights of the appointments included various girls loving their new outfits so much that they opted to wear them out.
One of our shoppers rocking her new Miss Me jeans!


One of our shoppers fell in love with one of our favorite Francesca’s dresses.


One of our shoppers created a fun, chic outfit by pairing her new skirt with her cardigan.
As the day progressed KELO news station returned to do a second round of interviews with Allyson, Natalie and Amy Benda. Sioux Falls news station KDLT (NBC) also came out to interview Allyson for their mid day broadcast.
KELO interviewing Natalie re: the tour, her job on tour, her friendship with Allyson, etc.


KDLT interviewing Allyson for their mid day broadcast.


KELO doing a second interview with Allyson.
In between the chaos of appointments, press, and visitors- Amy Benda took a quiet moment to let Allyson know that her daughter, Angelina, had seen her on television, was a huge fan and quite jealous that her mother was meeting her. Amy shared this information with the hope that Allyson could possibly write her an inspirational note. However, rather than merely write a note Allyson suggested that Angelina come out to the mobile boutique so that she could meet her and share the Threads for Teens experience. So that was what happened! Amy brought Angelina out to the truck in the afternoon and boy did Angelina get the full Threads for Teens experience. Not only did she get to meet Allyson, she got to watch and help with shopping appointments. She was such a joy to have! We were all so happy she was able to join us for the day.
Angelina and Allyson.


Amy, Angelina, and Allyson.
There are not enough words to describe how kind, hospitable, welcoming, and gracious Amy Benda and her staff/ volunteers were. Truly a wonderful group of people being led by an outstanding woman. Sioux Falls will certainly be a tough act to follow. Thank you Sioux Falls! And thank you Amy Benda!
Amy, the Sioux Falls CASA director and Allyson.
And now we are off to Billings, Montana. But first, Mount Rushmore! Though we have a ten hour drive ahead of us, it was certainly worth the stop.


Threads for Teens made it to Mount Rushmore!
Amy, Allyson, Auntie Abbie, and Natalie at Mount Rushmore, South Dakota.
Stay tuned for tomorrow’s blog post re: our day in Billings, Montana.

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