WOW! What an amazing day in LA. This morning at 10am, Threads for Teens On Tour 2.0 kicked off. This year, the tour is a little bit different because we are going to fewer stops, but packing a ton of girls in at each stop. At our Threads for Teens Los Angeles stop today, over 60 girls received a brand-new outfit. We drove the truck/trailer to LA last night, and parked at the Hilton Universal City, where the event was held today. The Hilton Universal City hosted us last year for our event and were extremely generous to welcome us back this year. Once we pulled in yesterday, my mom (Amy) and my Uncle Allan (truck driver) and myself all crashed.


Wendy, Sydney, Allyson

This morning, we knew we had a lot of work to do to get the trailer ready for the first day of appointments for Threads for Teens Los Angeles. We all woke bright and early to hang clothes on the racks, and get ready for our first girls of the tour. To help us out, Wendy Nguyen of Wendy’s Lookbook (www.wendyslookbook) came to help, along with Sydney, who donated her Bat Mitzah gifts to Threads for Teens a while back. For Wendy, this stop was personal because she grew up in the foster care system, so she was extremely grateful to give back. Both of them helped a ton with organizing the clothes to get ready for the girls.


Allyson in front of the truck

The event was set to start at 10am; however, girls arrived early and by the time we were supposed to open, we had a huge crowd of girls waiting in line outside to come into the boutique! We started by welcoming our first girl into the boutique, Dominika. She ended up taking a super cute baggy beach jumper from Wildfox Couture, a cute tank from Lucky, and earrings from Claire’s! Also at this time, Aneesha (PR Director) from Wildfox Couture was at the trailer to check out the event, so she super excited to see one of their items that was donated be taken. The rest of the day continued to progress smoothly, with Wendy, Sydney and I getting girls in and out, while choosing items of clothing that made them feel confident. I cannot stress enough how big of help Wendy and Sydney were! Thank you to both of you for coming to our Threads for Teens Los Angeles Stop.


A happy shopper promoting The Hunt Charity Challenge!

After the girls chose their clothing items from the trailer, they were able to go outside and choose either a pair of shoes or an accessory. Outside, my mom (Amy) and a wonderful volunteer named Mary, from Diamondale Adolescent Care Facility, helped the girls ‘check out’ when they were all ready to go.

As 1pm rolled around, we were all shocked because the time went by so fast. What an amazing day for Threads for Teens Los Angeles. We are currently en route to Las Vegas and can’t wait to meet all of the girls tomorrow. Make sure to keep checking back for updates. Also, follow Threads for Teens on Instagram (@threadsforteens), Twitter (@threadsforteens), and Facebook (

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