Our view from our hotel, The London! How beautiful!

After Philadelphia, we had a nice day off, which was nice because we hadn’t had one off for a week. We ended up sleeping in Philadelphia one more night, then drove into Long Island the next day. We dropped the trailer off in Long Island, then stayed the night in Manhattan at the London Hotel. The London Hotel is so fabulous because it is right in Midtown and so luxurious. Management greeted us with some really nice chocolates!


Our amazing volunteers in Long Island <3

The next day, we woke up bright and early to take the train out of the city and into Long Island. We parked at a community center, which was a convenient location for the girls. Once again, our fabulous volunteers from Claire’s came to help out. We realized that we had a ton of extra accessories left over, and with just one stop to go we wanted to try and give them out! So we set up an extra table of accessories. We were also running low on some sizes of clothes. In Philly, as mentioned in the previous blog post, it was raining so I was unable to go through boxes. Thankfully, the weather was decent so I was able to replenish the stock, while the volunteers took over styling the girls.


Girls waiting to shop in Long Island

This stop was by far our most busy stop! We beat our record from Arizona, giving 89 girls a brand-new outfit! Which is absolutely insane and awesome. More importantly, all of the girls were really appreciative and happy with the items they took. Several commented that it really did feel like an actual shopping experience. That’s exactly what we go for, because it’s not just about clothes, but it’s also about the opportunity to be treated with dignity.


Happy shoppers in Long Island



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