Day 4 – August 10th 2015


After an incredible day in Las Vegas, we packed up our bags and made the drive to Phoenix. Now, let me tell you, it was hot! Even sitting in the car blasting our AC we could feel the heat streaming into the car. We were especially excited to see the saguaro cacti! About an hour into our drive, we stopped at a rest stop with tons of cool head cutouts. Unfortunately we could not stay too long because we had a long drive ahead of us into Phoenix.


Our event the next day in Phoenix was started in the afternoon, because we held it at the Florence Crittenton Center, a school for underprivileged girls. Phoenix was already back in school that week! Ashley, from the center, was so gracious as to allow us to hold the event for the girls there. Thank you Ashley! In the morning, we went by theKAKshop, an amazing cupcakery in Phoenix. They donated beautiful pink frosted chocolate and vanilla cupcakes for the girls. The cakes inside the bakery were so gorgeous as well. Thank you so much Jay for supporting Threads for Teens. Let me tell you though, the heat was scorching for the couple of seconds we had to run inside the cupcake shop to back out to the truck.


Allyson, Anika, and Grandpa Gus in Phoenix

We rested for the rest of the morning, and then headed to the Florence Crittenton Center. Already there when we arrived were our AH-MAZING volunteers from rue21 stores, and we had a familiar face!! Laura, who had come to our stop in Los Angeles, also came out to our stop in Phoenix. Even though it was the afternoon, it was still extremely hot. Nevertheless, our #RUECREW was right there unloading boxes and setting up shop.


Our rue21 volunteers!



Our panelists! (L – R) Debbie, Maya, Lindsey, Allyson

Inside, I began to set-up for the goals panel. Today on our panel we had Maya Murillo, social media guru and behind all the accounts “Mayainthemoment” (SHE’S VINE FAMOUS!!!), Lindsey Viker, editor of Couture in the Subarbs, and Debbie Gillepsie, Mary Kay Consultant. All three women have had goals in their lives and gone after them. Maya talked to the girls about how to bring a goal that hangs above your head in the clouds to something you can tackle in front of you. Lindsey talked about her background of studying entrepreneurship in college, and Debbie came prepared with many anecdotes from amazing people. She specifically highlighted the case of then Bruce Jenner pasting his picture over another champion’s picture, to visualize himself winning.


As a way to get the girls work involved in the event, we had them all go around the room and say one thing she wanted to accomplish. It was incredible to hear the many goals of girls wanting to go into the Marines, become Chefs, be actors, and so forth. To them, truly they have no limit. I am proud to know that Arizona has some mighty fine young women about to take the area by storm. After talking for about forty-five minutes, we transitioned into workshops.


Debbie leading the Mary Kay workshop!


Debbie Gillepsie stayed and also had a fabulous team of women that came with her to lead a skincare/make-up workshop. She even brought Mary Kay goodie bags with skincare products for all of the girls! Girls who never had even thought of wearing makeup or putting on face lotion were listening attentively. One young women even braided hair for the girls.


Allyson and Vision Boars Coach Raleigh Pinskey

In another room, we had vision board certified coach and marketing guru Raleigh Pinskey lead the girls in making vision board journals. To in fact reign in ways to make their dreams come true, as Maya had talked about earlier. Thank you Raleigh for making the workshop amazing for the girls!!


Lastly, outside our #RUECREW had an amazing time dressing the girls and helping them to find the perfect outfits. One girl pulled me aside and told me “thank you. Before today these were the only clothes I had.” As she pointed to what she was wearing. Another girl told me that she loved getting her makeup done, even though she had laughed at it before. She was excited that she had pushed herself out of her comfort zone to try something new. She took a risk.


With girls who had an amazing time shopping.



Phoenix, thank you for giving as an amazing day!

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