El Paso was an awesome event, which took place the day after Phoenix. CPS hosted us in their lot, where they brought in food, a DJ, and books for all the girls who came. We were actually short on volunteers, so several CPS workers helped us out, which was incredible generous. The girls had an amazing time once again. The energy at the stop was great. Even more incredible, the El Paso CPS department arranged for a coat drive for all of the girls. Everyone at the event felt the amazing energy, and could not stop smiling. Together We Rise held its event across the parking lot, making it easy for families with daughters and sons to clothe their children.

El Paso

The awesome set-up in El Paso


Shopper in El Paso

Happy shopper in El Paso <3 She loves her For Love and Lemons Dress!

In the picture with the heart silhouette, the girl Aleea was so excited to receive her brand-new floral maxi dress from Maurice’s. The colors were fabulous and looked absolutely amazing it it.

News interview in El Paso

The news even came out to film the day’s events in El Paso at CPS!



Quite the crowd in the mobile boutique!!

We had an amazing time at the event and cannot wait to come back! Hopefully next summer we will be able to make a stop for Threads for Teens in El Paso.

Stay tuned for our next update from New Orleans!
Allyson Ahlstrom

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