Newark, NJ
To start off, last Friday, the 26th, we kicked off our day in Newark, NJ at the The Jersey Garden Mall.The mall management was kind enough to let us park the mobile boutique in their MASSIVE parking lot. We stayed the night before at the Courtyard by Marriott, just down the street. Thank you so much to Claire’s employees and the hotel for donating our stay! The hotel was wonderful and in a great location in Newark. Immediately, when all of us arrived at the mobile boutique in the morning, we were greeted by seven eager volunteers from local Claire’s stores. They always arrange all the accessories so perfectly!

Volunteers from Claire’s, Taylor, Natalie, Allyson

After we got the boutique all set-up, we were ready to go with the shopping appointments. There were several girls waiting so they were super excited to come in and choose their three items. We had a bit of a break until the end when a couple vans full of girls came. We always love when we have big crowds of girls coming to the boutique because it definitely adds to the energy of the shopping appointments.
We would like to extend a special thank you to all of the Claire’s employees who came to help work the boutique and inspire girls at our stop in Newark. Also, I (Allyson) would personally like to thank Natalie Ramirez for being such an amazing volunteer. She was with us for most of the first leg, and then for the first week and a half of the third. Natalie is always so eager to work with girls, making sure that they receive the individual attention that they deserve during each and every shopping appointment! She has most definitely been missed, also because she was our resident blogger!
Stay tuned as I get this blog updated!
Next up, New York!!!!
Allyson Ahlstrom

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