We woke up Thursday morning well-rested and excited after a relaxing night at the posh Ambassador Hotel. Thanks to the fabulous manager at the Ambassador Hotel, Micheal Hammontre. He made sure the truck and trailer were parked directly in front of the hotel. This is an ideal location for the girls, advocates, mentors and curious onlookers to spot us!

We had a wonderful day today chatting and laughing with the the girls, advocates, foster parents, and mentors during the shopping experience. The ladies were excited and gracious. Many were taken aback at the authenticity of the mobile boutique like the decorations, fitting rooms. It was truly wonderful to see the girls’ elation as they found clothing and accessories that they felt great in. In particular,¬†Miss Me jeans were a huge hit today among the girls!
Ambassador Hotel in Kansas City
And now we are leaving Kansas City, driving through Iowa, headed for Lincoln, Nebraska! Looking forward to another great day tomorrow. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s blog post re: our stop in Lincoln, Nebraska.

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