This blog post is a couple days past overdue, however, here it is nevertheless! We drove into Des Moines on July 2nd, after our Minneapolis stop. All of us really enjoyed seeing the beauty of the landscape of Iowa. The farm lands coupled with the beautiful lakes and ponds, really made our drive more memorable than most, in regards to scenery. Our hotel, the Hilton Garden Inn West Des Moines, was brand-new, and extremely comfortable. Katie, Kelsey, and myself enjoyed the hot tub that night, after a long days work in Minneapolis.

The next day, we were eager to set-up shop in Des Moines, as we were all well-rested and excited to be finishing up our second leg. The weather was nice for the day as well, not too hot in the slightest. That day we were greeted with extremely enthusiastic girls who were all excited to be shopping in the mobile boutique. After appointments, we had some time to kill before our flight that evening. We went into downtown Des Moines and walked around, going in and out of some very cute shops.


Kelsey, Katie, and Allyson. Thank you Katie and Kelsey for being amazing volunteers!

Overall, the second leg of the tour was a blast and my mom and I will sure be missing Katie and Kelsey on the road for the third leg. Both put much time and energy into all of the work that needed to be completed. Thank you so much for joining us Katie and Kelsey!

Until next time!
Allyson Ahlstrom

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