Dallas, Texas
Tuesday, June 18th

We woke up this morning in Dallas, Texas, thrilled for the beginning of the second leg of Threads For Teens on Tour.  We had a lot of work to do in the trailer after 41 long hours on the shaky road.  The clothes had to be put in color order and arranged by size and the boxes had to be sorted through and combined. While we were getting the trailer ready, a group of seven girls quickly filled the trailer at once.  We all had a great time helping the girls find clothes.  More girls came later on and were also very excited and positive when searching for their new clothes.  Today was Katie and Kelsey’s first day on the tour, so they got to learn how to organize the trailer, fold clothes properly, and especially how to interact with the girls.  Overall, it was a successful day and we all enjoyed our time in the Big D.  Thank you to all of the amazing ladies and girls we got to meet today!
Shortly after, we headed off to Little Rock, Arkansas! Along the drive, Allyson saw a sign for “Fried Pies” and we all agreed to stop and try this local delicacy.  We highly recommend stopping at the Original Fried Pie Shop, because they were some of the best pies we ever tasted!

We also saw the cheapest gas we’ve seen so far! Go Texas
After 5 entertaining hours in the car, we arrived in Arkansas!

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