Columbia, South Carolina
Monday, June 24th

We never thought it could happen, but the humidity didn’t faze us too much today in Columbia!  After struggling through six days of unbelievable heat and humidity, we were finally getting used to it.  Believe it or not, we survived the day in the trailer without air conditioning! All the appointments went really well and the girls all loved their items.  We had a great time talking with them about different South Carolina and North Carolina attractions that we could do today.

After the appointments were finished in Columbia, we packed up and started our short drive to North Carolina!  Before heading out, we stopped at Jason’s Deli, our go-to lunch place, and got some great food.  After, we walked over to a cute cupcake store and bought some delicious cupcakes.  While we were eating we noticed that it had gotten very windy and cloudy outside.  Within minutes, it was a complete downpour.  We got completely soaked on our run to the car, and then watched as the road flooded up to the sidewalk within minutes.  The rain pounded on us during most of our drive to Charlotte, but thankfully it stopped when we got there!


Our favorite, Jason’s Deli!



Kelsey, Allyson, and Katie with their delicious cupcakes!

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