Pictured above, Taylor Waters, a fellow HALO award winner, came to the mobile boutique in Charlotte to visit today. She works with the Red Cross, spending much of her time raising awareness and funds for the organization. Allyson really enjoyed being able to visit with her and show her more about the organization.

There was only one wave of girls for the day in Charlotte who we were thrilled to have in our mobile boutique!  The girls were all able to take their time in looking around and finding the perfect outfits.  We started by introducing ourselves and asking each of the girls their names, then after showing them around the boutique we began pulling items that we thought would fit each of the girls’ personal style.  One girl named Brianna, who I was able to help shop and talk to stuck to the basics with a sweater, shoes, and a simple t-shirt. Another girl spent most of the time picking through dresses amazed at the variety. As one girl wrote in our guest book “a beautiful selection!”  Katie was also able to connect personally with one girl who was seventeen and talk about high school and sports.  Overall, it was a rewarding day spent in beautiful North Carolina.


A girl shopping for a new outfit in Charlotte, NC A quote from our guestbook that truly inspired our volunteers: “Thank you so very much. We hope your idea and vision grow as you grow which you have plenty of years!” – Charlotte, North Carolina

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