Allyson with volunteers from Claire’s in Boston

In 2013 we wrapped our tour in Boston, and this year we did the same as well. The Revere Hotel was kind enough to host our event for a second year in row! Thank you to Brian and everyone else who made this possible. Getting to Boston was slightly a challenge because Parkways in Long Island do not allow trucks with trailer to drive on them. Our GPS kept wanting us to take parkways so we spent at least an hour trying to figure out how to get off the island. Finally we did, however this put us back on time a bit. Thankfully, we made it in around 7pm and I was able to meet my two best friends from college for dinner. Our rooms at the Revere were extremely nice. We were in suites that had two bathrooms each! The view was also incredible. I cannot express my gratitude enough to the Revere.

We woke up the next morning and were excited to find that we could park our trailer in this indoor area. My mom was especially happy because she hates the heat more than anything. Because we had good conditions again, I was able to pull more items to replenish the clothes since 89 girls came to our previous stop in Long Island. The girls lined up and were all so anxious to get in. Three homeless girls came at the very end and were extremely grateful because their clothes were to dirty and threadbare. They all wore their new items as they left.


All packed up in Boston!

This post wouldn’t be complete without a mention of my fabulous Claire’s volunteers from the day. Two of the girls from last year came out. We didn’t have nearly as many girls at our stop last year, so they were excited for the change of pace and having 50 girls to help. The stop was nonstop! When it was over, I felt extremely weird, as did my mom. It felt like only yesterday we were in LA and kicking it all off. However, both of us were proud of what everyone across the United States had helped us to accomplish. After we packed up, my mom and I headed down to Newbury Street to do some shopping. However, the only shopping we accomplished was buying cupcakes from Georgetown Cupcakes. I got vanilla and my mom got coconut! YUM!


Georgetown Cupcakes in Boston


From Georgetown Cupcakes — Yum!


Allyson Ahlstrom

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