WOW! Tomorrow the Threads For Teens Event begins. I have been waiting for this moment since January, and it’s really a great feeling. In less than 24 hours Threads For Teens will have it’s very first customers. These past two days it has been a mad dash of getting all of the last minute things together. I will start with a quick recap of saturday.

On saturday a very good friend of mine named Kayla came down to visit me here in Sonoma County. I have known her since the second grade. 🙂 I felt kind of bad because our whole day was spent running errands for the project, but nevertheless we had a ton of fun.
The first thing we did was go to Wet Seal where we spent a couple of minutes speaking with managers and getting the necessary approvals to obtain some of there unused clothing racks for Threads’ boutique. While we were there, a grand opening sort of event was going on and there was a raffle to be entered. My mom, sister, Kayla and I entered the raffle, of course not expecting to win at all.
Next we did some shopping, looking for some clothing tops to make our inventory a bit larger. While we were at TJ Maxx shopping around, we came across these really cute, reusable shopping bags that were really big. The best part was that they only cost 99cents!!! Of course we picked out eleven of them so that the girls would have something to carry home their clothing choices. I wish I had a picture to show! I’ll try and remember to take one tomorrow. 🙂
After that we got a phone call saying that Kayla had won the raffle at Wet Seal! She was so happy because Kayla seems to think that she has bad luck, because she was never won anything before. Well, now she can’t say that as she is the proud new owner of a bucket of candy…wrappers…we ate all of the candy right after she won it. Kayla was very generous and made sure to share a ton.
We went to the storage unit after going to Wet Seal again to pick up the candy and then went to my storage unit where I had fun showing Kayla around. We tried on some outfits and had a lot of fun! I will put up some pictures.
The last thing we did before she had to leave was make a poster boards with all of the names and logos of places that donated to Threads For Teens. We didn’t really budget our time well, so the majority of the poster was made in the car while driving her back to her grandma’s house in Napa. Let me tell you, it was an absolute blast! Glitter glue was all over the car, ourselves and the poster. We both got so much glitter on each other that we had to take an “emergency” bathroom break to get it off. I will take a picture of that tomorrow. All around, it was an excellent day and I’m so happy that I got to spend it with such a great friend.
That’s all for now! I have to get back to work and finish some last minute things. I will do a recap of monday soon, today and the days to come. Look out for those posts.
Allyson Ahlstrom

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