Prom season is in full swing for high schoolers and at Threads for Teens! On March 21st, Threads for¬†Teens hosted our annual prom event, this year called the ‘Grab a Gown’ event. We packed the storefront in Santa Rosa, California with tons of beautiful prom dress, short and long. With the help from Claire’s and Lytle’s Beauty College (also located in Santa Rosa), we planned an amazing day for our shoppers!

1Our prom dresses, donated by many people, ranged in size and color

Previous and future shoppers were invited to make an appointment throughout the day to visit the storefront to pick out a dress, accessories, makeup, and a gift certificate. The gift certificates, which were donated from the local beauty college, Lytle’s Beauty College, allowed the girls to choose which service they wanted on their individual prom day. Some options were hair styling, makeup application, or a manicure. While looking through the dresses, the girls and their families snacked on delicious cupcakes, donated by Sift Dessert Bar.

2Ashton (left) and Kelsey (right) sharing their prom experiences with a shopper who was excited to be attending her prom.
Volunteers and I helped the girls go through the dresses, finding the right style, color, and fit. Many girls found their dream dress! We set up an accessory bar, filled with various items donated from Claires’, such as necklaces, earrings, bracelets, jeweled hair pins, clutches, and makeup. Kelsey Cox, from Claire’s, volunteered throughout the day, helping each girl find the perfect prom accessories. We are so grateful for all of these donations and volunteers!

3The accessories bar featured bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and other beautiful jewelry from Claire’s.

While some of the shoppers were too shy to model their dresses, their happy giggles and excited faces when searching for accessories to match their dress, showed us that they had found a dress that made them feel beautiful and confident.


Shoppers crowded around the accessory bar, helping each other match jewelry to their dresses.
Overall, the Grab a Gown event was extremely successful, dressing approximately twenty girls. Since the store is still over flowing with beautiful gowns, we are still inviting girls to pick out a dress and accessories if they missed out on March 21st.

Happy Prom Season!

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