Last night I was fortunate enough to be able to attend the Carroll Shelby Foundation Benefit put on by Lori and Bill DenBeste. It was such an amazing event; I had an absolute blast. Thank you very much to the DenBestes for having me!

I brought three of my friends to help out at the event: Natalie, Katie, and Heidi. Also, my friend Synica also was there to help. We arrived and greeted people at the entrance as they walked in. After doing that for an hour and a half, we went into the event and were able to enjoy a VERY yummy dinner of Spaghetti with Meatballs, vegetables, veal, and some other food items. At this point, I was asked to go on stage and speak. Here is my speech:
During the event, a generous man said he would donate $200 if someone matched him with that donation. Well, it seemed to me that everyone in the whole place raised their hand! At the end of the night, Threads for Teens raised over $5,000 dollars!!!!!!! WOW, thank you! That is absolutely incredible. When I figure out what Threads for Teens will do with that money, I will most definitely be updating this blog.
After I spoke, Mr. Carroll Shelby spoke about his foundation. Which does some pretty incredible things for children. Check out his foundationĀ HERE. Then there was a live auction. I have to say, auctioneers really have a lot of talent. I definitely would not be able to talk that fast. I had enough trouble following the whole auction. The auction was incredibly exciting to watch. My friends and I had a blast. THANK YOU SO SO MUCH TO LORI & BILL DENBESTE FOR INVITING ME TO ATTEND. šŸ˜€ Here is a picture of my friends and me at the event with Carroll Shelby.
(Natalie, Me, Carroll, Katie, and Heidi)
Also, my Open House event went incredibly well. I was very happy that everyone that came to the boutique had the opportunity to fully understand how Threads for Teens works. Thank you to everyone that was able to come. Sometime in the future I will have another event so anybody that was unable to attend, might be able to see the boutique.
Allyson Ahlstrom

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