The fundraiser on February 25th 2012 was a great success for Threads for Teens. I am so grateful to everyone that came out and supported a cause so dear to my heart. The event was a smashing success. In one night, Threads for Teens was able to raise $20,000. There is only one word to describe my feelings, WOW. Once again, I must reiterate how shocked and amazed that so many people are willing to support an organization that was started when I was just fourteen years old. Threads for Teens has grown into so much more than I ever thought, thanks to the amazing support that this community has shown. THANK YOU.


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In other news, Threads for Teens will be moving to the Windsor Town Green. I am beyond excited for this move. When Threads for Teens is officially settled, there will be a huge open house event. More details to follow.


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