Name: Abigail Christie
Location: Bromley, London
How did you hear about Threads for Teens?
I heard about Threads for Teens through Clubhouse magazine a few years ago.

Why did you want to be involved?
I always knew that I wanted to help others and give back. The more I read and researched about Threads for Teens the more determined I was to be part of.

What are your goals for Threads for Teens London?
I definitely want to open a boutique in the next year, and in the future take Threads for Teens London on tour.

Why is girl empowerment important to you?
Girl empowerment is important to me because I strongly believe that girls and boys are equal. The number of times I’ve been classed as weaker because I’m a girl annoys me. I think all girls regardless of race, religion, and background should be treated with dignity, respect, and have the same rights as boys.

Do you have a female role model?
I am inspired by my Mum, and Allyson Ahlstrom. This is because of the way that my mum juggles everything I think is incredible. How she manages to teach me and my siblings, keep the house clean, cook, as well as getting everyone in the family to the right place at the right time. Allyson inspires me because she has accomplished so much. I definitely want to follow in her footsteps.

What is the status of your TFT location?
I am looking to run a pop-up shop in the spring or sooner potentially depending on how quickly I receive donations. I am aiming to send out letters/emails in the first few weeks of January.

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