Laura Hutfless, Whitney Bylerly, + Nashville CAA Team & Allyson

AHHH! I was so excited for Nashville. My mom, grandpa, and I are all huge country fans, so what a perfect city! My mom and I have been there several times and always enjoy being in the city. CAA (Creative Artists Agency) represents me personally and also Threads for Teens. They help to find opportunities for Threads for Teens with celebrities and corporate partnerships, which is so awesome. Laura Hutfless, is absolutely incredible and based out of the Nashville office. She drove by the truck last year and called me up because she thought it looked so cool! Everything since then has been amazing. Anyway, since I was coming to Nashville, Laura set it up so that some of the country singers on CAA’s roster would come out and volunteer with the girls. To make this possible, Laura enlisted the help of our awesome assistant, Wendy, who really spent so much time planning this event. She also even got a local PR agency, C2 to help publicize the event. Chelsea and Carly with C2 were both incredibly sweet to help us out.


Nashville Claire’s Volunteers

Besides this, Claire’s Accessories once again sent out different district and store managers to volunteer at the stop. Nine wonderful volunteers showed up early, around 9:15am, ready to go! All of them were so amazingly helpful by going through boxes and getting the truck to look perfect for the girls. I am always so amazed at how nicely merchandised the truck looks when they are done going through it. They also set up the jewelry and shoes outside very nicely. Moving back to our country star volunteers, Danielle Bradbery was first.


Allyson and Danielle Bradbery

First up, we had Danielle Bradbery stop by. She is the winner of season 4 of The Voice! She arrived a couple of minutes before the event was to start at 10am, all ready to go! She is such a sweetheart and was genuinely so excited to work with Aleetha, the girl she styled. Aleetha had a great time and chose some amazing items. Danielle just released her first self-titled album. Definitely check it out cause her music is fantastic!


Sara Haze and a shopper!

Next up, we had rising star Sara Haze. I actually have met Sara before at different event related to Threads for Teens, so I enjoyed catching up a bit with her. She was super sweet and got really into styling her girls that came through. She was definitely having an absolute blast, right along with her girls.

Next up, Clara Henningsen from the Henningsens and Mickey Guyton showed up. Both girls were full of energy and eager to help. Mickey was great with the girls she was working with because she was constantly pushing them to try items they wouldn’t necessarily pick on their own. Clara was incredibly sweet and patient with the girl she was styling, which is definitely a must-have quality when helping someone shop!


Clara Henningsen, Mickey Guyton, Allyson Ahlstrom, Brooke Eden, Cam



Cam and a shopper

Lastly, Brooke Eden and Cam stopped by. Once again, these girl were really great with the girls. Sometimes it gets tough because it is hot in the trailer, but both girls were real troopers, pulling the la  Brooke was rocking an amazing bullet bracelet that she made herself and will soon be launching on her website to sell…definitely check them out because I was definitely salivating over the one she was wearing!


Coco Jones and Allyson

Toward the end, Coco Jones stopped by to say and donate some clothes! I was super excited to see her because I haven’t seen her since her Sweet 16 back in January. We caught up a little bit. Both of us are extremely looking forward to her M&G and back-to-school drive event at Threads for Teens on August 7th. Click HERE for more information! My friend Kristen from the Prudential Spirit of Community Awards also made stopped by! She goes to Belmont in Nashville. She did a great community service project related to stopping childhood hunger. We were roommates at the program and instantly bonded. I was so excited to see her!

Overall, over 50 girls came to Nashville!! Afterwards, once again the Claire’s volunteers were incredibly helpful with cleaning up. Also, they were as much a part of the day as the country singers…they were always in the trailer helping style the girls along with outside the trailer manning the jewelry and shoes. Anyway, we got all packed up and were able to get some BBQ for lunch. What an AMAZING day.

NEXT UP: Indianapolis


Allyson Ahlstrom

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