Day 8 – August 14th 2015

TODAY WE VISITED MUSIC CITY USA, AKA NASHVILLE!! I love Nashville. Country music, BBQ, what’s not to love?! Thankfully, we arrived in the city the night before our event and had some time to go down to Broadway Street and be tourists. On a Thursday night, Broadway was poppin’. We found a restaurant where we wanted to eat, and put our names on the list. In the meantime, we walked up and down the street, listening to music wafting from the Honky Tonks. Anika and I sent my mom into one of them to get footage via our GoPro. That’s right, we also walked around with our GoPro on its stick to take in all the sights of the night.


With Danielle from Nashville Sweets

While waiting for our food, we also found a really yummy candy store. I thought everyone else was buying tons of sweets, but I was the only one, much to my shame. BUT, while we were all hungry and waiting for dinner, I had tons of different gummy concoctions to please my stomach. Finally, the restaurant called and seated us. As a free appetizer, instead of bread, they gave us amazing popcorn! Typing this now, I want more. Please. While feasting, we also noticed a firework show happening right out our window, along with a traveling bar. It was quite a spectacle for the eyes. After eating, we headed back to our hotel, to rest up for our event the next day.


Chips and Salsa from Chipotle



Mini cupcakes from Nashville Sweets

Like in Phoenix, Nashville started later in the day due to many girls already being in school. This gave us time to rest in the hotel and catch up on some much-needed sleep and work. But alas, we were off! Before making it to our event, we stopped by Nashville Sweets where Danielle donated tons of mini-cupcakes for all of the girls!! They were sooo yummy and gone immediately after we put them out. We also stopped by Chipotle, as they donated Chips and Salsa for all of the girls. At this point, we were ready for the day to start.


Panelists from (L – R) Allyson Ahlstrom, Dr. Heather Gladwell, Mary Seng, Kellie Keyes, Sara Haze



With Whitney Byerly and Laura Hutfless from CAA

Creative Artists Agency graciously allowed us to hold our event at its Penthouse Office, right smack in the center of downtown. We parked our truck in a parking lot outside the building. Thank you so much to Laura Hutfless and Whitney Byerly for making this happen!! To start the day, we had our amazing panelists talk to the girls. Today, Sarah Haze (Singer/Songwriter), Mary Seng (Editor of, Dr. Heather Gladwell (Orthopaedic Surgeon), and Kellie Keyes (Marketing Director, Omni Hotel Nashville), joined us. All of them had diverse backgrounds, but are all successful in their chosen professions.


Talking with the panelists

As a highlight, after the discussion, one girl asked Dr. Gladwell if she would be her mentor! How adorable is that?! They exchanged emails, which we find to be amazing. The girl wanted to be a doctor. Dr. Gladwell talked a bit how her field is male-dominated so she had a hard-time finding a female mentor.


Leading the Moroccanoil Presentation

After the panel, the girls split into groups for the different stations. I led the girls in the Moroccanoil video room, demonstrating the products. If you don’t already use Moroccanoil products, I am telling you to leave reading the blog post and immediately order samples. I am slightly biased, but after using it so much and sampling it so much to the girls, I am convinced it is one of the most amazing haircare products you can buy.


Allyson Ahlstrom and Diana Cercy


What an amazing vision board journal <3



Supplies to make journals

In another room, Diana Cercy, a certified vision board coach, talked to the girls about their own goals and dreams. Diana flew in for the event! Isn’t that insane!?! Thank you so much for Diana. A lot of the girls were really excited to be able to make the books, and even wanted to take pictures with the books in front of the truck.


Shopping inside the mobile boutique!!



Happy shoppers in Nashville



Our amazing rue21 volunteers

Outside, our amazing #RUECREW was setting up and outfitting the girls. One girl found a beautiful pair of shoes donated by Chinese Laundry and was so excited to wear them to her homecoming court. She said she would not have had anything to wear if she hadn’t gotten those shoes. <3 The crazy part is that those were our last pair of nice “homecoming” heels and they were the perfect size.

Thank you so much to everyone who made this day INCREDIBLE. Our final stop is LONG ISLAND!! Stay tuned for our blog update.


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