Jacksonville, FL
Hello from our stop today in Jacksonville, Florida! It was hot and humid, but we hit the beautiful beach after giving away lots of clothes. Perfect way to cool off! Thank you to Crowne Plaza for hosting us. Today was by far the hottest and most humid day yet, but also one of the most memorable and exciting.  The morning was productive and many of the girls found purses, necklaces, and dresses that they loved. We were lucky enough to have several visitors to our mobile boutique today.

One of those visitors was Dana, a friend of Allyson’s who she met at the Coca-Cola Scholarship program.



Lee Kaywork the CEO of Family Support Services came to the shop today.



A view of downtown at Amelia island.

After appointments were finished, we were able to spend the day at Amelia Island with Gary, a family friend of the Ahlstroms. We were so thankful to be treated to lunch at a restaurant right on the beach and took pictures near the waves.  We cooled off with a scoop of homemade ice cream as we walked around downtown. Overall, we had an amazing time in Jacksonville thanks to Gary Moberg and the wonderful girls who came to shop today.

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